DJ Shorty K

Based in Kerry, Ireland, Shorty K started her DJ career in September 2020 on Twitch. She is loyal to 138 BPM and plays all types of Trance, UK Hardcore, Hardstyle, Reverse Bass, Powerstomp & Frenchcore.

Eis Thiele Music

In German, “EisThiele”  means “a store that sells ice cream”.  For a DJ whose last name is “Thiele”, it was a perfect fit! Don’t miss his “ICE-calation” redeem, you’ll love it!  EisThiele plays Psytrance, Drum N Bass, and Techno.

Bored Ravers

Bored Ravers is a Twitch channel hosted by St Luke from Melbourne, Australia. He has been a DJ, nightclub & event promoter for 21 years. On Twitch he plays mainly Trance, Hard Trance & Happy Hardcore.

StreamTribe DJ Magazine

DJ Stacktrace

DJ Stacktrace is a house and hip-hop producer for Nas, Logic, Wiz Khalifa, and Russ.  He streams most Thursday evenings on Twitch as part of a regular show he produces for a local Wisconsin radio station.


Stunts is a Psytrance DJ and producer from Portugal. Since 1997, his love for Psytrance led him to study production in London. Soon after he began DJing and producing his own tracks.

DJ Lady D

If there’s one DJ who can reinvent the wheel, it’s Lady D!  Playing Club, House, and Techno music from her wheelchair, she is a master at commanding two kinds of wheels of steel!


If you frequent Twitch, you’ll probably cross paths with Qris1988, either when he’s streaming or in the chat on other live channels.  Based in Germany, Qris1988 is a Trance DJ and avid gamer.

qris1988: From 90s Happy Hardcore to Trance on Twitch


You might double take while watching this stream!  Based in Vancouver, Canada, TwinTonicDJs are twin brothers with a goal to spread and share the love for music with everyone through trance.

DJ Dreamreader

With a sound inspired by melodic hard dance sounds, Germany-based DJ Dreamreader plays Trance, Dance, Energy-Trance and Hard Trance from 2000-2022.  He has been DJing since 2002.


Broadcasting live from his studio in Denmark, WeLoveThe90 brings the throwback hits on a regular basis!  If you enjoy dance classics from the 80s, 90s, 2000s, and 2010s, you won’t want to miss this guy!


Festivale69 is a DJ and Entertainer. He mixes all kinds of 4/4 music and D&B but mainly Psy-Trance! Seeing people dance or smile through music is food for his soul.


Greg is a DJ from Indianapolis, IN, USA. He typically plays Trance, but sometimes you will catch him playing Progressive and Melodic House or Techno. Please stop by and say hello!

Greg the Grass Guy


Tyrexana is an up and coming Trance DJ from Germany. Stop by and support her on her journey on Twitch!  And remember to give a “!pants!” in her chat.  She’ll understand when you do. 🙂


Kenda is an amateur DJ from Denmark. While he is a trance guy at heart, he is starting to evolve into a multi genre DJ, playing vocal/uplifting trance, hard trance, hardstyle and hardcore.


AxatseMusic may be a new channel on Twitch, but he has been dabbling in trance production and collaborations for the past year or so.  He also enjoys managing the StreamTribe brand and working with artists to pursue their music careers.

Unsigned Artists Who Support Our Mission

StreamTribe Ambassadors are DJs and Twitch Streamers who support our mission as an “independently signed record label as a service” but aren’t yet a part of our record label as a service program (yet?).  Ambassadors know we support what they are doing as well, whether they are growing their music careers through live streaming, music production, or playing clubs and festivals.

These Ambassador DJs and Streamers proudly display our StreamTribe logo on their stream overlays, host chat commands that viewers can use to learn more about StreamTribe Records, and interact with our social media channels.  In return, StreamTribe provides mention on this webpage, features them in a regular Ambassador Spotlight series via email and social media, and regularly invites them to guest perform on StreamTribe Records live-streamed events.

Many DJs and producers want to be signed to a record label but are nervous to enter into a risky agreement. With StreamTribe Records’ partner label brand, you’ll get to release your music on a record label, retain ownership of your music, and enjoy independent growth as a small music business owner.