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Don’t Expect Your Average Record Label From Us

Many artists want to get signed but don’t know what to focus on to get there.

Even worse, traditional labels create confusing legal contracts that can leave inexperienced music creators feeling trapped and fearful when they finally do get signed.

StreamTribe Records is an incubator label that mentors, educates and collaborates with music creators to build, market, and lead a business so they can pursue their dream professionally and profitably. When music creators participate in a “for the artist” label like StreamTribe, their worth and power in the marketplace skyrockets.

Another thing that makes StreamTribe different from traditional labels is that we don’t own our artists or their works. Instead:

  • We use low commitment, 12-month agreements that favor music creators and their success
  • We don’t profit on anything we collaborate on. Your revenue growth is important to us!
  • We use a simple formula for your success: We help you build your business (via coaching), then we provide options to help you run and staff it

Why StreamTribe Exists (For You)

StreamTribe Records exists because if music creators develop their business skills and partner with like-minded people, they are more likely to succeed in music and be happy.

For our signed artists, this means that the goal isn’t to make you the biggest name* like traditional labels, but to help you build a healthy professional career doing what you love and earn a livable income doing it.

(* however, we do realize an increase in popularity may happen as a side effect of working together)

What StreamTribe Expects From Its Artists

StreamTribe Records is committed to seeing the artists we work with succeed in music, grow their music business into a sustainable income, and live their best life with passion. That’s it.

But not all music creators are a good fit for this program. We expect the artists we work with to be at a certain level, thus increasing their chances of success.  When considering applicants, we look for or will ask about the following:

  • YOU ARE COMMITTED TO THE PROGRAM: By joining our career coaching program, we expect that you will:
    • Display dedication, discipline, and commitment to the program
    • Take the program material, homework, and mentoring seriously
    • Have the (growth) mindset that this is going to help you make your music a real job, whether it’s a side hustle or your full time position
  • YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL BRAND REPRESENTATIVE: Use appropriate behavior and conduct when in the spotlight, ensuring a positive experience for fans and media and maintaining a professional, welcoming and humble presence for both your own brand and the label brand.
  • YOU ARE ACCESSIBLE & AVAILABLE: You should be easy to reach, able to communicate regularly and consistently and respond to correspondence in a timely manner (within 24-48 hours).  Communication is a two-way street, so if you have any concerns or questions, you should proactively address them with the label. You can expect the same from us.
  • YOU ARE COMMITTED TO BEING OR BECOMING A STRONG CHARACTER IN YOUR LIFE STORY: You are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner throughout the duration of this and any working relationship with StreamTribe.  This includes a commitment to the individual characteristics taught in our coaching program, especially the following:
    • See yourself as a Hero, not a Victim
    • Know how to de-escalate, and avoid creating, drama
    • Accept feedback as a gift in order to improve (growth mindset)
    • Know the right way to engage in conflict
    • Long to be trusted and respected more than liked
    • Have a biased toward action
    • Do not chose to be confused
    • Be relentlessly optimistic
    • Have a growth mindset

At the end of the day, the best thing we can measure is your revenue growth and your happiness. But it takes a strong commitment and a certain type of music creator (artist/creative) to be in the mindset of seeing this through.  Otherwise our efforts will not be as successful as they can be.

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