Bo0ha Talks Twitch Moderating and Offers Advice To Streamers

bo0ha twitch moderator
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Having spent his whole life on the internet, Hans, better known as Bo0ha on Twitch, is self-taught in his craft, Twitch moderating. He does pop into other streams to gain insight into how other successful mods operate things, but for the most part, he’s found his path on his own. 

Bo0ha’s History With Twitch

As a seasoned gamer, Hans isn’t new to Twitch. He’s been active on the platform for eight years but only got into moderating about two years ago when he fell into the music side of it. DJ Fadi Bali asked him to mod his stream, and the rest was history. He moderates for several other streamers but highlights Fadi and another Bali-based streamer and Vibes For The Tribes member, Shintaloveshousemusic as his favorites. 

Although gaming might’ve been Hans’ forte most of his life, music shares space in his energy as well. He loves all genres and even has experience playing instruments. In fact, streaming a freestyle rapper is what originally introduced him to the music scene on Twitch. 

The Formula To A Good Moderator

A great moderator handles the technical aspects of the chat, including bots, but also has a solid grasp of communication. Hans excels at both–he doesn’t focus on one thing. Reading people through the internet has become somewhat of a strong suit for him since he’s spent the greater portion of his life doing it. However, the goal is to be an all-around moderator who can ensure the streamer and viewers have the best experience possible–something he embodies effortlessly.

Hans has a humble approach to life, “I’m not really someone that looks to the future,” he says. “I live day by day and go by whatever comes on my path.” People often find it challenging to live in the moment when they’re so absorbed with what tomorrow might bring.

Rewards Of Twitch Moderating

Hans has found a passion through streaming not only for the music but for the people. Making connections to genuine, real people and being able to help them is what it’s all about. Being a moderator isn’t something anyone does for the money (as very few moderators get paid for what they do), but for the authentic experience and the people they meet along the way.   

“I mostly watch high energy streamers.” he says, “It’s not always easy to have a high energy chat as well, there are many lurkers in the music part of Twitch.”

Bo0ha’s Piece Of Advice

As someone who has years of moderating experience under his belt, Hans’ advice to streamers is something that should be taken to heart. “First of all, do what you like to do,” he says. “If you don’t like what you are doing, how can others enjoy you doing it?”

He suggests watching tutorials from more experienced streamers about how to set up things like overlays, focusing on giving the chat attention, and reacting to viewers, which includes answering their questions. These are the things that make people stay, he says. 

Being a Twitch moderator isn’t always easy, but it’s rewarding enough to keep people like Hans hooked. Keep up with Hans a.k.a. Bo0ha on Twitch

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