Through Her Eyes: How CrazyKassy143 Became the MOD We All Know and Love

CrazyKassy143 is a leader in the Twitch Moderator community
  • July 2021: CrazyKassy143

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You know her name. You may even know her face from virtual audiences. This is CrazyKassy143.

When I was asked to give a snip of who I am, I did not know where to start. I guess I will start from the beginning.

CrazyKassy143 Begins...

I was raised in Seattle, overlooking downtown and the Port, on Beacon Hill. I came from what one would call a "5-Star, top of charts, Soap Opera rollercoaster" style life. I had my ups and had my downs, learning from each curveball. Music, friends and community are what kept me strong and taught me how to keep the pep in my step. I was homeless for a year and a half as a teenager due to certain family matters, then back on my feet and graduated High School with 2 children at age 19 living on my own. I graduated proudly with my Diploma and as Valedictorian of 2010. I was working full time at a financial institute, part time at raves, and going to school full time. 

I learned how to keep pushing, and never let anyone or anything hold me down. I love to spread all the good vibes I can every day. A smile a day can spread further than your feet could ever walk. Music is a part of my life and always has been. I do not go anywhere without it. The Seattle Rave/EDM scene really helped me through the dark times while I was homeless, and taught me what family was. I had not seen them in a long time, since I stepped away to raise my children as a single mother. 

CrazyKassy143 Dislikes COVID

Then suddenly here comes 2020: COVID strikes down the world and we are thrown into the world of virtual reality with no other interaction available. A friend of mine showed me SofiTukkerOfficial on Twitch and told me about their daily 30-minute streams they used to get up and dance to every day. I was super excited, so when I got home that evening I took a look at Twitch and searched the word "Trance" right off the bat. I found a music & streaming worm hole that night; one that I have yet to pull myself away from. 

Within the first month I had been granted the honor of my first Sword in a stream for DwarfGamez13, which was the first stream I stumbled upon that night. I felt great helping him reach affiliate promoting him to friends I made in the community. About a week into watching streams on Twitch I was sent a link to a stream from a friend in the UK, and the name of the streamer looked familiar. I decided to check it out and see if it was who I thought. Once I followed that link my jaw dropped and heart sank. In chat I saw all the names of friends from the Seattle EDM scene in one place, with DJBouncy and the Seattle Sunday Streams 24-hour raid train. It was one of their first raid trains during COVID and they still do weekly.

Since then I have been on Twitch 24/7, even while at work, and sometimes found passed out in a discord somewhere (usually by accident).

I do everything I can to support the streamers! 

CrazyKassy143 is a leader in the Twitch Moderator community

The Twitch Life of CrazyKassy143

I love helping moderate in chats like Psymill and edit commands as needed for streamers like ItsDJBooters. Some streamers have me navigate their raids to the next adventure, making sure the crowd fits the landing, trusting me to take their viewers to the next destination. I've also helped moderate/co-host virtual audiences for some streams, such as SofiTukkerOfficial’s 24/7 Zoom Room, an experience set up by the FreakFam that never ends! 

I have since opened a Discord Server called "Mods Come Together". A central place for all Moderators and Streamers to come together to find Raid options or support and promote fellow streamers. Also, this server is used to help new Moderators learn what they need to best help their streamers. I now moderate for roughly 70 streamers, bouncing around and helping who ever needs it the most at that time, or based on the schedule depending on what I have planned for the day! 

I have recently started a professional Moderation service, after a year and a half of doing the work for free as a volunteer during COVID. I still work full time at my IRL job in the Hotel industry and am a single mother of 2 bright young boys. I would like to eventually be full time working from home and enjoy the time with my kids dancing around the house living life to its fullest! I enjoy the time I spend in all the streams and helping each streamer grow to their full potential. Taking the load off to help them be able to focus on the content they are creating for the viewers and community members. 

My next step on the adventure is to soon start streaming myself to teach and help anyone that wants or needs it. The theme of my streams will be "Mod Talks & Interviews with Streamers", trying to share all I have learned through:

  • countless YouTube Videos
  • other streamers and moderators who have shared their knowledge with me
  • the random rabbit holes I've dived into about bots, discord and twitch dashboards  
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