A Tale Of Twin Cities: Devyn Key Brings Danceable Melodies to the Midwest

Devyn Key is a Twitch DJ from Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Devyn Key is a DJ & producer from Minneapolis, Minnesota (United States) who specializes in melodic and progressive house and techno.

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Devyn Key specializes in highly danceable melodic and progressive house and techno, full of emotion and irresistible rhythms.

If you were to ask someone to list a few of the top U.S. cities where you might find a thriving dance music scene, they'd probably say Miami, Las Vegas, New York, or Los Angeles. But farther down that list you'd probably find some other "best kept secret" scenes, including Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Minneapolis is home to several of the Midwest's hottest EDM clubs, including The Armory, The Fillmore, First Avenue, Skyway Theater, Ground Zero, REV Ultra Lounge, and Exchange Night Club, as well as beautiful rooftop venues on warm summer nights. It's also home to one of the Twitch-based Moist Music Collective's hottest DJs, Devyn Key.

Devyn has been DJing in clubs and festivals around the Midwest since 2018, including a performance at the Hope at Hideaway Festival and opening for acts such as IIan Bluestone, Luttrell, David Hohme and J. Phlip.

We caught up with Devyn Key to chat about her beginnings as a DJ, her influences and how Twitch has helped her career.

An Interview with Devyn Key

STL: What music got you started as a DJ?

DK: I used to make hip hop mixes in in the early 00’s, but despite owning DJ controllers for most of my adult life, I never took it seriously until I saw Above & Beyond and Seven Lions in 2017.  Those shows got me back into dance music, and I decided to put a substantial effort into learning how to DJ at high level.


STL: What is your favorite Twitch stream?

DK: I have two favorite streams.  The first favourite is a set I did as a guest on the Anjuna Family LA’s channel.  With over 800 views, it was my biggest stream to date. I had a lot of friends both in Minnesota and LA tune in, and I was really happy with how it went musically.  My other favorite stream was my recent birthday party/fundraiser stream.  I had four guest DJs taking turns with me spinning and a dozen or so friends dancing their booties off in the background while we raised money for a great charity.  It was the best of both worlds… a successful stream and combined with the joy of watching people lose themselves on the dance floor.


STL: What made you become the DJ you are today?

DK: I had a lot of support early on from local promoters in Minneapolis, and some great friends that helped me through the nervousness of my first live club gigs.    Those early opportunities helped me to push my learning and growth, and helped fast track my success as a DJ.


STL: What is your favorite meal?

DK: Sausage, pepperoni and mushroom thin crust or wood fired pizza is a fav.  I also like filet minon with mushrooms and broccoli.  Yum.


STL: Who do you inspire to be most like?

DK: Nora En Pure and Ben Bohmer have always been big influences for me musically.  I love how beautiful and dancey their music is.


STL: Is anyone else in your family a musician?

DK: I’m the only one!


STL: How would you describe the energy in your Twitch streams and chat?

DK: I’d say the energy of the chat is friendly and loving.  I tend to play tracks with high emotional content.  I strive to take listeners on a journey that they can get lost in, while I pick tracks that pull at their heart strings.  


STL: What is your favorite drink?

DK: I’m a lightweight.  My friends say that I like “water beer”.  I do love a good margarita though…


STL: How much has Twitch changed during the COVID lockdown for you?

DK: When I started DJing on Twitch, it was just a way to put a little more pressure on myself by having a live audience while I practiced for my club gigs.  Things changed this winter, when everything completely shut down, Twitch became really important for my mental health as an outlet where I could get lost and forget about all my anxieties for a while.


STL: What is your biggest change since becoming a Twitch DJ?

DK: I’m actually making money from music.  Because of the wonderful support from listeners in my channel, I’ve been able to invest more into myself as a musician. 


STL: If you could give any advice to a new streamer, what would it be?

DK: It’s about community.  Find the people that you love to be around and listen to on Twitch.  Meet new friends and interact with your audience.  You can be the most talented DJ in the world with tons of festivals under your belt, but you won’t succeed unless you invest time getting to know people on Twitch.

Devyn Key at Bonnaroo
Devyn Key, Twitch DJ from Minneapolis, Minnesota
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