Dj Dreamreader: Dreams Are Made On Stream

Casting Dreams Through Trance

Dj Dreamreader, real name Dominik, is a German-based DJ whose been in the game since the late 90s. However, like many, he was not introduced to Twitch until 2020. He currently resides in Pforzheim, a town located in southwestern Germany. Pforzheim lies on the northern edge of the Black Forest and boasts a rich history in the jewelry and watchmaking industry, nicknaming it Baden-Württemberg’s “Golden City.”

Dj Dreamreader first discovered his love for trance in 1997 when he purchased his first CD, Tunnel Trance Force 3. His favorite track on the CD was called “The Flow” by Dolphin’s Mind. “The Flow” is an ode to the early days of trance and what many would consider a classic. After he was introduced to the compilation and learned that it was a completely mixed CD, he felt a desire to learn to mix himself. 

After his first shot at mixing in 1998 at a youth center in town, Dj Dreamreader had already played his first club timeslot in 2002. For six years leading up to 2012, he spent time mixing live at “discotheques,” a.k.a. nightclubs.

From the beginning, trance was the genre he gravitated toward and continues to play out in his streams today. His very first stream was in December of 2020, well into the pandemic. Dj Dreamreader is grateful to have found the Twitch community and notes it’s altered many aspects of his life. 

“I found my new love,” says Dj Dreamreader. In addition to his passion for DJing, he appreciates the uniqueness that each streamer offers the Twitch community. Streamers are viewers themselves most of the time.

Dj Dreamreader prefers to mix trance because “the vibes and melodies and special and unique.” In addition to playing trance music on stream, DjDreamreader also loves to listen to it in his free time, as he’s done since his youth. He also loves to listen to dance classics, hard trance, and even ballads like Phil Collins. 

Outside of streaming, Dj Dreamreader is busy working as a sales representative. He’s also taken an interest in the stock market; however, DJing is his true passion. 

And although Dj Dreamreader first began streaming during the early days of the pandemic, this passion is something he plans to carry with him. He loves to transfer energy through music to his viewers and is honored to be able to do so. However, what really drives his passion for streaming on Twitch is the community he’s come to know and love along the way. He notes how unique the relationship between DJ and viewer is. 

Dj Dreamreader’s favorite artists are Dj Dean, Talla2xlc, Tiesto, and Gary D. If he could look back and say one thing to the younger version of himself, he’d say, “Stay as you are and keep your smile.” 

Get ready for the most soulful trance music you’ve ever indulged in. Dj Dreamreader streams on Twitch every Wednesday at 2-4 PM EDT for his “#Dance & #Trance classics live in the mix.” Viewers can also catch him on Saturdays at 12-3 PM EDT for “#Trance #Uplifting #Hardtrance live in the mix.”

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