DJFadi Bali: What A Lifetime In The Music Scene Looks Like

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Aside from relocating to Bali eighteen years ago, Fadi might tell you the biggest turning point in his life was getting on Twitch. He and his wife, ShintaLovesHouseMusic, are part of the Vibes For The Tribes team and regularly stream for a global fanbase.

“Twitch has been such a blessing,” says Fadi. Not only is it about sharing music, but streaming has fostered new friendships for Fadi. He says it’s given him and his wife a purpose and created a beautiful new community. Anyone who’s tuned into a Fadi stream will agree that the energy levels are unmatched, and his entire heart is put into each show. Plus, what other DJ do you know that celebrated their 40th birthday with a 40-hour stream?

After moving to Bali, Fadi began to play gigs at Double Six Club. As much as this experience changed him for the better, he still prefers streaming for his friends and fans on Twitch. The platform presents a fresh and exciting challenge, especially for someone who’s been involved in the music scene for a big chunk of his life. 

Streaming comes with other practical perks, too. “I can now decide my own working hours,” Fadi adds. 

The Future of Streaming, According to Fadi

Twitch streaming reached a steep peak during 2020 at the height of the pandemic. In most countries, live concerts were off the table, and people spent the majority of their days connecting with others online on platforms like Twitch. 

Streaming afforded many up-and-coming artists the opportunity to play “in front” of fans for the very first time. On the other hand, big names in EDM turned to streaming to keep fans engaged while shows were being postponed and canceled. Interest in the Twitch space skyrocketed, and countless artists found themselves watching their dreams unfold right in front of them during a global pandemic.

However, what goes up must come down. Fadi says he’s undoubtedly noticed a decline in viewers since then. People are returning to work, and live music has become more of a norm again. But he reminds us that Twitch has been around for ten years, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon–neither is he. He’s confident that there’s another Twitch movement on the way.

Fadi’s Advice To New Streamers

Fadi has learned a lot about streaming since he started, and he’s eager to share that knowledge with new streamers. When he was first introduced to the scene, Top 40 was more of his vibe. He’s graced the stages of venues throughout Europe, North Africa, and Asia playing a range of tech house, progressive, psytrance, and tribal. Today, it’s all about house music and high energy levels. In particular, progressive afro and melodic house are his go-to genres to spin.

A true example of following your heart, Fadi shows us that it’s never too late to switch things up, try something new, and see where else life can take you. 

However, to new streamers, Fadi emphasizes the importance of networking above all. Any opportunity to make a new connection on Twitch should be taken. Plus, you might just make some lifelong friends along the way.

He reminds new streamers always to be kind, join raid trains, and most importantly–never give up. Like any pursuit in life, ups and downs are inevitable. Fadi notes that streaming has plenty of unforeseen highs and lows that shape the experience for the best. 

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