DJ Fluttershy: A Hardcore, Vinyl Enthusiast Who is More than Meets the Eye

DJ Fluttershy: A Hardcore, Vinyl Enthusiast Who is More than Meets the Eye
  • DJ Fluttershy likes to spin and manipulate gigantic wax discs that make fun noises (vinyl).

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DJ Fluttershy is the perfect mix of hardcore, old school, sweet/innocent (in appearance) and potty-mouth. Mic. Drop.

Is it wrong to wonder how someone so sweet and innocent-looking can be such a potty mouth and be so happy hardcore in her musical tastes?

Hell no!

Being a music creator, artist or producer of any kind usually means you need to break down your fear and your barriers so you can be true to yourself.  Music is a strong form of self-expression and all those folks you buy tickets or bits for in order to experience them live or streamed are being as true and as honest with themselves as possible.  In the end, this results in attracting the right audience for the right reasons and sets your music career and its foundation up for success.  There's little to no room for impostors, no matter what you hear when playing Among Us!

Personally, I do not gravitate regularly toward the harder styles of EDM, but while writing this article, I decided to indulge in the first mix I found on Fluttershy's SoundCloud (she was not streaming at the time but I still wanted to be influenced). While I have heard hardcore and other hard styles before (and do enjoy it on occasion), I was actually quite blown away by the combination of melodic and vocal appeal and the heart-pounding rhythm lines that defined the tracks in her mix. Hell, I might start enjoying this genre more often now!

She mentions on her Twitch channel that most of the music she loves to play is from the 1995-1999 era of hardcore, which scores bonus points for me as those were my middle school and high school years. Age is just a number, so keep your "he's old" comments to yourself. 🙂

Jay from StreamTribe had the happy experience of sitting down with DJ Fluttershy recently to chat about her music, streaming and future career plans.

An Interview with DJ Fluttershy

STL: What music got you started as a DJ?

FS: Electronic music got me started as a DJ... I’ve always loved fast-paced, energetic music! My exposure to rave music was through playing rhythm games as a young child like Stepmania and D.D.R., which was filled with loads of Hardcore and Drum and Bass.


STL: What is your preferred music genre(s) to spin/mix?

FS: I prefer mixing mid to late 90’s (1995-1999) Dutch Happy Hardcore, Bouncy Techno/Happy Gabber, and Gabber.


STL: What is your favorite stream you have done?

FS: I’d like to say that my favourite one I’ve done so far would be a raid train event me and my buddy DJ Brady organized. It was very moist.


STL: What made you become the DJ you are today?

FS: Seeing my favourite DJs play what I love really inspired me. Greatest inspirations of mine would be my pals Jimni Cricket, Flapjack, and my boyfriend 2b Happy. The adorableness and phenomenal mixing Jimni does is insane! I love how she keeps it cute and is so creative with every show she performs. Flapjack also has a heavy influence on me, being a strictly vinyl DJ and a rad turntablist, and our taste in hardcore is so similar, so seeing him on the decks spinning gabber is mega badass. My boyfriend 2b Happy has been the biggest mentor ever. He is the reason I really got started actively DJing, and helped me improve my mixing. He is a smooth mixing god. Phenomenal man.


STL: What is your favorite meal?

FS: Wahh... I would say..... Cream Stew! It’s a comfort Japanese dish my mother would always make for me. I still make it from time to time, it’s so dang yummy!


STL: Who do you inspire to be most like?

FS: Mmm, tough question. I don’t necessarily want to be like someone, but I guess I want to be a combo of the three influences I’ve stated earlier, and turn that into me haha.


STL: Who else in your family is a musician?

FS: My father is beginning to make his own beats for rap and trap music. Good for him!


STL: How would you describe the energy in your streams and chat?

FS: Beautiful, humorous melting pot of degenerates that like to have a good time. Very crazy


STL: What is your favorite drink?

FS: I like Japanese milk. I also like strawberry milk shakes. I like milk a lot, meow


STL: How much has Twitch changed over the covid lockdown for you?

FS: It has changed a lot for me during lockdown for sure. It gave me something to do, cured some of my boredom, made a lot of friends and fans across the globe. I’m very happy with everybody I’ve met!


STL: What is your biggest change since becoming a Twitch DJ?

FS: I started as a Twitch DJ, so it was basically just me practicing my skills live. I really sucked a year ago, but with the support of my pals and consistent streams, I’ve definitely improved a lot! Because of the exposure I’ve gotten, I’ve started getting a few bookings, which is mega cool!


STL: If you could give any advice to a new streamer, what would it be?

FS: Having connections, like a group of friends, people that you know with a very big reputation in whatever category you are in helps jumpstart ya for sure. Confidence, commitment and consistency is also very very very good.


STL: How do you think things will change as lockdowns end and venues start to come back?

FS: Honestly, I don’t really think things will change much. There are still people that aren’t local that want to see a DJ they like play.


STL: If you are adding live shows to your Twitch line-ups, are you excited or nervous to add this change or go back?

FS: I think change is good, so why not! I’d be excited!


STL: Do you produce your own original tracks?

FS: Nope. But I’d really like to! If I had the equipment and wasn’t so shy, I would put out my own vocal samples haha. If I did, it would be a hobby. I don’t expect anything to go too far, the thought of being a big shot producer is kinda scary, that’s a lot more attention than I can handle, at least at this time.

Catch DJ Fluttershy on Twitch

If your soul craves an evening of hardcore tunes, DJ Fluttershy streams on Twitch every week per the following schedule:

  • Every Wednesday at 5PM-6PM PST
  • Every Friday at 7PM-8PM PST

That's all we have to share about this amazing and gifted streamer. But we'll let her sign off on this article for us:

- Mega loves, nya! Fluttershy OUT!

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