Mixing with Cerebral Palsy: How One DJ Stole Our Hearts With His Nose

Goldenose has won the hearts and ears of club goers in Poland and, now thanks to Twitch, worldwide.
  • Twitch DJ Marcin Chrapek "Goldenose" has won the hearts and ears of club goers in Poland and, now thanks to Twitch, worldwide.

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Goldenose has won the hearts and ears of club goers in Poland and, now thanks to Twitch, worldwide.

Ask any DJ in the world about the ins and outs of mixing tracks live at a club or event and they may tell you it's challenging enough to put on a show using just your hands, like most DJs do.

But what if you wanted to follow your dream of being a DJ but were born with an illness that paralyzed your legs and hands?  Most DJs may say that is impossible. But for Goldenose? Challenge Accepted.

We had a golden (pun intended) opportunity to sit down with with Goldenose, also known as Marcin Chrapek, and ask him questions to learn more about his story and get to know him a bit more at a personal level.

An Interview with Goldenose (Marcin Chrapek)

STL: What style of music do you feel defines or encompasses the "Goldenose"?

MC: At the beginning of my journey, I was playing very commercial music (like hand up), basically everything that was currently trending on the radio. With time I developed a love for more ambitious sounds such as trance or house and then techno. Later I also started adding techno to my sets. Currently I’m playing trance and techno, with house music pushed aside for now, but it does not mean that I stopped liking it.


STL: After a successful set (or anytime!), what is your drink of choice?

MC: I’m Polish, so any drink that can kick you hard (haha)! Seriously though, Polish vodka with Cola is the best.


STL: Having cerebral palsy since birth, by what means do you accomplish every day tasks such as hobbies or career passions?

MC: Besides being a DJ, I am a graphic designer. When I was younger, I was playing a lot of console games like NES, PlayStation, and PlayStation 2. Now, you're probably wondering how I did that since my hands are inoperable? I was able to accomplish all of this using my feet! I was doing so well that I even beat one of my friends in games. As you can see, despite all the difficulties my illness causes, I am able to do everything I want!


STL: What producers or artists inspired you to become a DJ?

MC: I have two major inspirations: Carl Cox and DJ Mixy (haha)


STL: Who else in your family is a music artist?

MC: Sadly no one. I am a Golden Child.


STL: Do you have a favorite food?

MC: Fast Food, any kind!


STL: Who is your biggest inspiration?

MC: Goldenose, check him out! He is an amazing DJ (haha)


STL: What musician or DJ do you find the most fun to watch?

MC: Of course, both of my masters: DJ Mixy and PSYMILL. They are amazing performers.

Twitch DJ Goldenose has won the hearts and ears of club goers in Poland and, now thanks to Twitch, worldwide.

STL: How would you describe the energy that you get from your fans and fellow DJs on Twitch?:

MC: That is an interesting question. After a few months on the platform, Twitch became very important for me. I have met many great people through streaming, many of whom became family to me. Especially my teammates on the Moist Music Collective.

When it comes to different DJs and fans, I feel really appreciated as a DJ myself. I can honestly say I've never been so appreciated by others as much as I have by the community on Twitch. Words cannot describe how grateful and happy I am.


STL: How has Twitch changed your life since being on lockdown at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

MC: Between starting on Twitch and building the online family I now have, streaming has become a crucial option for me to earn money as my regular work, which is especially important in my situation. I feel like I am still performing in club or live festivals.


STL: What is your favorite prank or joke since being on the Moist Music Collective team?

MC: I personally do not have a favorite prank or joke, but some MMC members are so crazy that they impress me every day (haha)


STL: What has been your favorite "moist moment" with the MMC team?

MC: When DJ Mixy asked me if I would like to join Moist Music Collective.


STL: When was your best moment on Twitch?

MC: When I reached the 1,000 follower threshold. It was and still is an amazing feeling, watching how my gold community is growing.


STL: Will you be doing more at clubs in Poland as the lockdown eases?

MC: Absolutely! Twitch is amazing, but I still miss club gigs. I hope that all lockdowns will end soon and I will be able to perform live again.


STL: Last question, but certainly not the least: who is your favorite Twitch mod?

MC: Of course, my irreplaceable fluffy fox sister very_squishy_fox. I love you Foxy <3

StreamTribe Loves Goldenose, And You Will Too!

Since first meeting and getting to know Marcin, watching him perform on Twitch, and seeing the look of awe on the faces of other streamers and fans who see him work his golden magic for the first time, we can honestly say that he is more than just a Golden Nose.  He is a true inspiration to others around him, pushing those of us around him who are fortunate enough to be able to use our legs and hands to learn from his courage, his passion, his strength, and his charisma, pushing every day to be better individuals ourselves.

His nose isn't the only thing that is made of gold. Marcin's heart is made of gold too, and it shows in everything from his performances to his ability to foster a community of fans, moderators and other DJs who think the world of him.  He may have his own inspirations in pursuing music and DJing as a career, but he has certainly been an inspiration to all of us as well.

In addition to streaming every other day at 4:00pm CET, he recently became a part of the Tuesday Trance Team raid train, spinning alongside his inspirations PSYMILL and DJ Mixy, as well as fellow DJ GhostTownTunes, every Tuesday on Twitch.

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