A Beloved DJ On The Surface, Jason Jansari Is A Creative In All Facets

jason jansari
  • Jason Jansari has been deep in the music scene for over 20 years but recently decided to take things to the next level with Twitch streaming.

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A lover of cats, a fried chicken connoisseur, and a self-proclaimed terrible dancer, Jason Jansari is ultimately a creative at heart. Although he’s been DJing for more than two decades, he didn’t get into Twitch streaming until October 2020, during the height of the pandemic. When global lockdowns became the new way of life at the time, Twitch streaming reached a peak. Despite the restraints of the lockdown, Jason notes that this period united him with streamers from across the globe and introduced him to a wealth of new genres and music.

What 20+ Years In Music Looks Like For Jason

Like many, Jason grew up on hip-hop, R&B, and jungle. He remembers going off to college and admiring artists like Michael Jackson, Mary J Blige, Blackstreet, General Levy, Mobb Deep, and Wu-Tang Clan, to name a few. Today, Jason loves all genres. He even says if he had the time, he would play them all. Viewers can currently find him rinsing underground/tech house, funky house, progressive/melodic house—pretty much any type of house is his go-to. “It’s like a universal language, and it promotes unity, peace, and togetherness,” he states.

For Jason, music is just the half of it. Professionally, he’s currently pursuing a career in graphic design. He spends a lot of time developing new emotes, graphics, and overlays for his stream. It’s actually his newfound passion for streaming that really opened doors for him to take things to the next level with graphic design.

A champion of originality, Jason doesn’t strive to be like anyone besides himself. Although he certainly admires superstars like Carl Cox, Yousef, Joey Negro, Sonny Fodera, and Solomun, he never wants to replicate their style. The same goes for Twitch DJs that inspire him, such as Michael Gray, DJ Ray Domingo, DJ Paul Kelly, ShintaLovesHouseMusic, and The Mad Hatters.

When asked about his most memorable stream, Jason hesitates, as there are so many that stick out in his memory. However, he points toward his first-ever progressive house stream, which was his first progressive house set ever. About twenty minutes into the stream, he was raided by the notable US DJ and producer Kristina Sky, who turned up with around 170 viewers. Almost all of his viewers stayed with him for hours, fostering an unforgettable stream and a pivotal moment for him as a DJ.

Jason’s Personal Struggles

Jason suffered from a heart attack in 2018, which left him grappling with short-term memory loss. He says his struggle with short-term memory loss often surfaces during his streams, for example, when he has to ask his viewers multiple times where they’re from. This minor setback hasn’t affected his attitude, though. His passion for music and entertaining people outshines anything that presents itself as an obstacle. “My streams are all about positive energy and smiles,” he says.

After learning and growing so much through streaming himself, he has some advice to offer new streamers. In particular, he believes perseverance and sociability are the most critical factors for success. Jason recalls having an average of two viewers for the entirety of his first six weeks on Twitch. He notes, “you’ve got to forget about viewer numbers and play because you love music.”

As for a note to his fans (or, as Jason would rather call them, his friends), he says, “thanks for all the love and support, and for your friendship. Lockdown has been hard for so many people, and Twitch has made life that much more positive.”

When a love for music and creativity comes first, success will follow. Jason Jansari is a prime example of what traits like passion and positivity can bring to the table for those new to streaming.

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Jason streams every Wednesday from 4 PM - 6 PM EST on Twitch.

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