DJ Jordan Harris: Climbing the Mountain to Pursue his Dream in Music

DJ Jordan Harris: Climbing the Mountain to Pursue his Dream in Music
  • According to DJ Jordan Harris, there's actually a physical mountain to climb when pursuing your dreams.  Huh, you learn something new every day...

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Building a Community of Trance and Hardcore Lovers + A Lot of Banter

Personally, I know Jordan Harris. What can I say about this guys?  Seriously, I have nothing good to say. Professionally, I have to make something up to write this article. 🙂

Ok, ok, none of that is true.  In reality, Jordan has a strong performance presence on Twitch.  While he's still fairly new on the platform with just over 500 followers at the time of this writing, I can tell he has a solid future both in live-streaming and potentially rocking a few dance floors and festivals.

I had to say all that since his bodyguard (with large biceps) is standing next to me (send help!).

Jordan Harris - Luck of the (Northern) Irish

Representing the beautiful country of Northern Ireland on Twitch, Jordan's career as a DJ began when his love of music persuaded him take up being a mobile DJ in his local area, offering entertainment services for weddings, events, parties and more.

When that COVID pandemic thing hit, the mobile DJ business was affected.  However, as he shares in his interview below, he was fortunate enough to regain the ability to perform and share his musical talents with others globally when he discovered Twitch.  The rest, as they say, is history.

An Interview with the Mountain Man

STL: What music got you started as a dj?

JH: I love nearly every genre but UK Hardcore was the one to really push me into start DJ’ing.


STL: What is your favorite stream you have done?

JH: My 400-follower 12-hour celebration stream, because I had a lot of fun jamming out with my amazing Twitch family.


STL: What made you become the DJ you are today?

JH: My love for music has brought me to where I am today after going through a few life events. Music has always been a good healer! 


STL: What is your favorite meal?

JH: Oh this is a tough one… Mixed decisions between lasagne or medium rare cooked steak with peppered sauce. 


STL: Who do you inspire to be most like?

JH: I have quite a few people that I look up to, but the two main people on Twitch would have to be PSYMILL & DJ STLuke (Bored Ravers) as they are so down to earth, always caring and showing their love towards the community, especially new and upcoming DJ’s. They are also extremely talented at what they do and I would like to reach there level some day! 


STL: Who else in your family is a musician?

JH: I have a brother that plays piano and I will be soon teaching my younger brother to become a DJ. 


STL: How would you describe the energy in your streams and chat?

JH: Energy is always flowing no matter time of the day or night it is, and the chat can also be a bit mental at times! 


STL: What is your favorite drink?

JH: Alcoholic: Buckfast Tonic Wine. Non Alcoholic: Red BPM or Flavored Sparkling Water.


STL: What is your biggest change since becoming a Twitch DJ?

JH: I just started streaming music throughout the COVID lockdown and it has changed my life for the better! I've met such amazing people already, I get no better feeling than playing music and participating in the banter with the best people! The feeling of it all is just amazing. I have also cut down my drinking since joining on the Twitch bandwagon which is a huge benefit! 


STL: If you could give any advice to a new streamer what would it be?

JH: My advice would be to stop thinking about it and just do it! Honestly, you’ll never look back. You meet so many different talented and loving people. You get to show off your skills to people who have the same music taste & the support you receive from everyone in the Twitch family is amazing. The buzz that you feel inside from the people that take time just to tune into your streams is just a feeling that you will never experience anywhere else! 


Jordan Harris is a member of the RaveStylez Krew on Twitch.

Jordan Harris, DJ & Keeper of the Mountain
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