KendaDK Opens Up About His Journey With Twitch

KendaDK is based in the Aalborg area of Denmark, but thanks to Twitch, he’s developed friendships all over the globe. He first got into Twitch nearly five years ago after his brother introduced him. For a while, he spend his time watching and listening to artists but didn’t pay any mind to the chat. 

Then, one day he was gifted a sub to DJ_Shorty_K, an artist he wasn’t familiar with at the time. KendaDK was so intrigued by her stream that he was compelled to join the chat, and well, the rest is history. Today, he’s a mod and a close friend of Shorty.

Somewhere along the way, KendaDK became inspired by Shorty’s mixing abilities and was considering taking up the hobby himself. He expressed this interest to Shorty, who gave him his footing. She showed him what he needed to get started, and in early summer 2021, he purchased his first mixer. With the proper equipment in hand and newfound confidence, KendaDK went live for the first time last summer:

I was hesitant and nervous to go live and kept putting it off, but I was being pushed to go live by quite a few people, so summer of 2021 I went live for the first time. I remember the day very clearly, I was live for 3 or 4 hours on my first stream. Shorty was at a party with a bunch of streamers, and I kinda feel bad I did my first stream when she wasn’t at home, but I did it and even though Shorty was at a party, she came to my first stream anyway and stayed for a little while, I love her for that.

When asked how his life has changed since joining Twitch, KendaDK alluded to the personal growth he’s experienced on the platform. Before assuming the role as a Twitch artist, he says he was shy and some might say, insecure. As mentioned, he attended streams but didn’t participate in chats during his early years. However, the narrative has shifted; he says he’s now much more comfortable with himself and feels inclined to participate in chats. But the most significant change of all, according to KendaDK is about the connections he’s made along the way:

The biggest change however is the awesome friendships I have made on Twitch. I have a bunch of people, that I consider friends and who I talk to regularly out of Twitch too. Shorty is my closest friend, and I talk more with her than I do with my own family at times.

KendaDK has now been streaming for over a year and has made memories he’ll never forget. We asked him to share his favorite streaming memory, and he was eager to do so (shout out to StreamTribe’s very own, PSYMILL!):

Besides my very first stream, which was unforgettable, my favorite streaming memory was my 3rd or 4th stream when I got raided the first time. I was doing my stream, and I was close to ending it when Psymill, who is another great guy that is just awesome and super supportive of me as well, entered my stream and just said “incoming” in chat. I was really confused, and had no idea as to what he meant, and wondered for a minute, but I got back to getting ready to end my stream. A few minutes later Psymill raided me with 80 people and my heart kinda skipped a few beats, I was nervous enough as it was being all new to streaming, but let’s just say I suddenly was sweating like a pig, that was nervewracking but an awesome feeling at the same time. 🙂

Music creators join Twitch for many reasons, but KendaDK says he’s just here to have fun. He’s not only inspired by the energy felt in his own streams but on Twitch streams as a whole. Watching the global dance music community come together is what he’s here for. As Kenda would say, “It’s a big happy Twitch family.”

KendaDK enjoys a wide variety of dance music genres, but his favorite is trance music. Genres like hardcore and hardstyle require a special setting to enjoy. He tells us that he can listen to trance no matter what mood he’s in, and that’s what makes it so unique. Genres like hardcore and hardstyle require a particular setting:

I saw someone on Twitch say that music is a mood setter, but trance music is a mood enhancer. I forget the exact wording, but it was something along those lines and it’s true for me, trance makes me happy.

But what about the real world? It’s always fascinating to learn what the EDM scene looks like around the world. Living in the Aalborg, Denmark area, KendaDK says the local dance music scene is a bit limited: 

We have a festival called “We Love The 90’s” that plays once a year for a whole day with 90’s dance music. Then we have a 2 day festival called “Aairport Festival” that started 2 years ago which is all about EDM, I attended the first year. It’s was split up, so the first day was about mainstream EDM like Salvatore Gannachi, R3HAB and stuff like that. The second was all about the harder styles like Da Tweekaz, Zatox, Sound Rush and artists like that, it was a great experience.

Like anyone, juggling a full-time job and multiple weekly streams can be challenging for KendaDK. However, his passion for DJing and the Twitch community drives him to stream as often as possible. The next thing he’s looking forward to is upgrading his controller; otherwise, he’s just enjoying the ride. One day he hopes to meet some of his Twitch family in person, as he communicates with them just as much as he does with his own family.

KendaDK’s Advice to Aspiring Twitch DJs:

JUST GO FOR IT, it’s super fun to do once you get started and it don’t have to cost a fortune to get started. Plenty of people around Twitch that are more than happy to share tips and tricks too. I promise you’ll get hooked, if you have the slightest interest in it. Just the feeling that you are playing for people who are enjoying it alone is worth it. Just remember, always play your ass off, it doesn’t matter if there are 5 or 1000 people on the stream, always give it your best no matter how many are on the stream. In the end, we are all one big happy Twitch family and I’m happy to be part of it.

KendaDK’s Streaming Schedule

KendaDK typically streams every Wednesday for Hard Trance Wednesday. He goes live from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM EDT.

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