KINETIC85: Streaming Advice and Humble Beginnings

  • Never expecting to be where he is today, Kinetic85 is a beloved Twitch moderator who has valuable streaming advice to share.

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While enjoying a night in town, Daniel, a.k.a. KINETIC85, likes to pair a steak dinner with beer or a glass of wine. On special occasions, you might catch him sipping a vodka martini or a firetruck. He's got great taste, but he's got an even better outlook on streaming. As a modest guy, he says he can't pick a favorite streamer. "Every streamer is great in their own way," says KINETIC85. 

This Isn’t KINETIC85’s First Rodeo

The Denmark-born and raised Twitch moderator never envisioned a life as a Twitch moderator until he was granted a mod Sword out of the blue. However, his history as a moderator on a youth site back in 2006-2007 made for a smooth transition to Twitch. In 2006, he started as a debate forum moderator for the site before being promoted to a supporter, a more user-focused role in which he handled sensitive issues. After finally advancing to a co-admin with all kinds of fantastic privileges like the ability to block users, KINETIC85 decided to pursue an even more exciting experience to focus on his education and career. 

It wasn't long before KINETIC85 realized school wasn't for him. However, he has no regrets. He believes in taking risks and trying new things and has a very humble attitude toward life. That's what makes him a great moderator and an excellent role model for aspiring mods. 

KINETIC85 Might Just Surprise You

For the past six years, KINETIC85 has been working at an injection molding factory. His prior experience as a plastic process technician apprentice has allowed him to excel in his current role. His duties include setting up injection molds, correcting the process when necessary, and overseeing production—quite different from sitting at a computer screen monitoring streams. 

However, working as a Twitch moderator in his free time felt like the perfect role for KINETIC85. He claims a combination of hardstyle and 90s music got him started on the platform initially. Today, he prefers vocal trance, trance, hard trance, and psytrance. Aside from electronic music, KINETIC85 is a big fan of rock and guitar. Since starting moderating on Twitch, he's learned a lot and is eager to offer advice to new streamers who might be looking for mods. 

"Do not give out mod swords left and right," says KINETIC85. "Get to know people first, and it's best to mod people who are in your stream often and are loyal."

However, he stresses that his most valuable tip is when approaching potential mods is to do so on whispers. It's the most appropriate strategy since some people may want to decline for a number of reasons. He claims it's also imperative for streamers to give their mods a set of rules to follow and make it clear how they'd like them to handle viewers who break the rules. When mods don't receive clear boundaries, it's harder for them to uphold a streamer's expectations. 

While some envision a career in music and streaming, KINETIC85 is content with his work in plastic processing. As exciting as moderating is, his real passion for streaming lies in giving streamers the best experience possible. He cares about making a difference, whether it's by fulfilling his duties as a mod or suggesting changes to optimize individual streaming experiences. He notes, "I like to help others and see them make a career out of it if that's their goal."

KINETIC85 Enjoys The Best of Both Worlds

KINETIC85 will be the first one to admit he's old school. For someone who admires streaming and modern technology, he's a sucker for old films. His favorite movies are from the 90s all the way back to the 60s. Surprisingly, he likes how older movies are primarily free of computer graphics, giving them a more authentic feel. Who says you can't have both?

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