7 LGBTQIA+ Producers To Celebrate This Pride Month 2022

djs to support pride month 2022
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Celebrate your favorite LGBTQIA+ artists this Pride Month 2022. Dance music culture would not exist as we know it today without the queer and Black influences that prevailed in the 70s. Discotheques doused with glitter, wigs, and thumping kickdrums quickly became a safe haven for queers and minorities. It wasn’t long before these disco beats were being transformed by New York and London DJs into the electronic sounds we’ve come to love

At the same time, queer culture was instrumental in building the Detroit techno movement and the Chicago house movement. The “Warehouse” was a famous Chicago club frequented by LGBTQIA+ patrons and other minorities, thus, the origins of “house” music. 

Although modern dance music has such deep roots in gay and Black culture, there is a sharp departure in the appreciation for these cultural impacts today. We’ve highlighted seven queer DJs/producers that you should check out and support this Pride Month 2022. 

Honey Dijon

honey dijon queer dj

Courtesy Facebook/Honey Dijon

A DJ, trans activist, and fashion icon, Honey Dijon uses her platform to spread more than just good music. Growing up in Chicago’s south side as a queer Black individual, she found her home in the clubs that birthed house music. She later moved to New York in the 90s, at which point her DJ career took off. Effortlessly moving between disco, house, and techno, Honey Dijon celebrates versatility of sound and culture. 

Listen to Honey Dijon’s recent offering, “Work” (Extended Play) featuring Dave Giles II, Cor.Ece & Mike Dunn. The track is part of her forthcoming LP, Black Girl Magic.

Moore Kismet

moore kismet queer dj

Courtesy Brandon Densley (@dnz_media on IG)

Moore Kismet is a rising star in the bass music genre, who has become the youngest artist to perform at major festivals such as EDC Las Vegas, Lollapalooza, and Tomorrowland. Dubbed somewhat of a prodigy, Moore Kismet is a DJ, producer, visual artist, and voice actor who is also vocal about mental health. While they’re not traveling the world to headline shows and festivals, they’re in an LA classroom finishing up their senior year of high school.

Somehow still making time for the studio, Moore Kismet recently shared an emotionally charged, pop-influenced heater, “Wasteland.”

DJ Minx

dj minx queer dj

Courtesy Facebook/DJ Minx

Detroit-born techno legend DJ Minx came out as gay during pride month in 2021. Although with decades of DJing under her belt, she felt discouraged for a long time due to the homophobia that plagued the Detroit techno scene. However, a lifestyle shift during the pandemic allowed her to grow and finally decide that she no longer wished to hold the burden of hiding who she was from the world. 

Known as Detroit’s “First Lady of Wax”, DJ Minx is the founder of the DJ collective Women on Wax and subsequent record label Women on Wax Recordings. A veteran in the scene, she’s not afraid to sprinkle some old-school funk into her discography. 

Check out DJ Minx’s 2021 Pride celebration release, “Purse First.”

Andrew Bayer

andrew bayer openly gay producer:DJ

Courtesy Facebook/Andrew Bayer

Andrew Bayer is an openly gay trance producer and Anjunabeats mainstay with two Grammy nominations under his belt. The earlier part of his career (from 2003 to 2009) included a collaborative DJ project alongside Scottish artist Alan Nimmo. The trance duo was primarily released on Anjunabeats, having produced thirteen singles and extended plays. 

After gaining support on his solo project from Above & Beyond in 2010, the group signed Andrew Bayer to their label. He went on to work alongside Above & Beyond for their second, third, and fourth studio albums. 

Appropriately announced at the start of Pride month 2022 is Andrew Bayer’s double album, Duality, which will feature a myriad of  LGBTQIA+ artists. Duality will mark his first long-form release since his 2019 remix project, In My Next Life



Courtesy Rens Eno

The Haitian-Canadian DJ and producer, Kaytranada, is a modern icon for both queer and Black music cultures. He first stepped into the DJ scene in 2010 but didn’t adopt the Kaytranada Moniker until 2013. In 2019, his sophomore studio album, Bubba, won two Grammy Awards, one for Best Dance/Electronic Album. 

Kaytranada is currently gearing up for a European tour, in which he will hit major cities like Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris. Celebrate Pride Month 2022 with Kaytranada’s Grammy-nominated track, “10%.”

J. Worra

j worraCo

Courtesy Facebook/J. Worra

Quickly on her way to becoming a household name in the tech-house scene, J. Worra is actively using her music to provide a safe and inclusive space for her fans. She has also carved out resources to support charities and organizations that help LGBTQIA+ youth.

Growing up in a small conservative American town, J. Worra later relocated to LA where she could not only pursue her dreams as a musician but where she could do so most comfortable in her own skin. J. Worra was named DJ Mag’s 2019 Breakthrough Music Producer of the Year and has shared music on major labels such as Never Worry Records, Higher Ground, Realm Records, Sink or Swim, and Club Sweat. 

Check out her latest offering “Burn This House” featuring Little Boots on Insomniac Recordings.


clozee queer dj

Courtesy Tomas Morgan

CloZee is a French producer and DJ who recently made the big move to the states, where she settled down in Denver. She exploded into the scene in 2018 with her Evasion album and more recently dropped her critically acclaimed Neon Jungle LP. 

Starting a new life in Denver (which some argue is the bass music capital of the world) has allowed her to become closer to her craft. CloZee is also the founder of the imprint Odyzey Music, which “takes listeners to a sonic voyage, exploring a hybrid of live and electronic elements.”

CloZee recently worked on an effervescent track with a fellow queer DJ, GRiZ, called "Color of Your Soul." Check out this vibrant single to celebrate Pride Month 2022 and support queer musicians!

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