PrincessChazz: Melbourne-Based DJ, Gamer, and Artist

Melbourne-based open format DJ PrincessChazz, real name Charlotte, enjoys mixing tunes on stream and IRL. In fact, she’s been DJing long before pivoting to Twitch in 2021 due to Covid. Charlotte’s father was a DJ in the ‘80s and introduced her to mixing when she was just eight years old. By the time she was fourteen, she had saved up enough money to buy her own controller, “and the rest is history!” she says.

Known for having the best clubs in Australia, Melbourne had a flourishing dance music scene pre-pandemic. “The industry was booming so there was so much opportunity for gigs,” says Charlotte. She feels very grateful to be living in a place with many opportunities to pursue her passion. Charlotte currently has a residency at The Fitzroy Beer Garden and The Duke of Wellington, the latter of which only enlists female DJs to play.

Unfortunately, Australia experienced one of the longest lockdowns in the world, so Charlotte was unable to pursue her passion for a long time. In February 2021, she began streaming on Twitch so she could share her music with others, and ended up falling in love with streaming. “It has been the most fun journey and it truly got me through the tough lockdown.”

Twitch affords musicians the unique opportunity to connect with a global fanbase, rather than just those in their city, or those who bought a ticket to a show. For fans, it’s a great way to discover new music and cultures. For creators, it’s an excellent tool to break out of the local scene and share their art with the world.

We asked Charlotte what her favorite part of DJing on Twitch is, and she said, “Having viewers from across the world, I love having a broad community. I have met so many amazing streamers and made so many new connections and friends, I am able to share my passion for music with the world.”

Although she’s back to playing live gigs again, Charlotte has become fully immersed in the Twitch dance music scene and continues to make efforts to grow her channel. With the wonderful help from friends, moderators and of course her Artist Manger known online as DrawByNature real name Radu, who has worked extremely hard alongside her to make her dream of making this her full time career, having recently hit the 3k followers milestone, she’s aspiring to reach Twitch Partner. Charlotte has been able to build a community on Twitch through PrincessChazz with friends and followers from around the globe, something that local gigs cannot offer. In the future, she hopes to combine the best of both worlds by getting booked to DJ internationally and be able to travel and meet some of the lovely streamers she has bonded with whilst in her time of streaming on Twitch.

Charlotte has also gotten involved in the gaming community on Twitch. She previously entered the FaZe1 competition as a gamer but plans to re-enter with an entirely new approach, focusing more on her DJ talents instead.

Outside of her interest in music and streaming, Charlotte loves animals! She includes, “I have worked with them [animals] almost my entire life.” She’s shared with us that she’s previously worked at a vet as an emergency triage and receptionist at the largest not-for-profit organization in the city of Melbourne North.

Charlotte also shared her interest in other types of arts with us. She loves to draw and paint, and has always enjoyed being creative. “I think I am very blessed to have been gifted with “the arts” talents as growing up I also was a dancer, singer and played piano,” she adds.

See some of her artwork below:

  princesschazz princesschazz princesschazz

Working as a Female DJ

Being a woman DJ makes Charlotte a.k.a. PrincessChazz somewhat of a minority. The dance music industry is predominantly run by men, making it more challenging in many ways for women to break into the scene. We wanted to ask Charlotte what her experience as a female trying to make it in this industry has been like.

Charlotte says, “I have faced many challenges over my years being a woman DJ. When I first started DJing there were next to no female DJs. The two that I knew of and inspired me to pursue DJing further were DJHollyJ and Tigerlily. I started playing in clubs only to experience quite a lot of sexism where I felt degraded and unworthy.”

Unfortunately, this experience left a bitter taste in her mouth as far as the club scene goes. She even felt compelled to step away for some time, which she did and instead started DJing at party events.

Charlotte’s experience is in line with what many women in the music industry deal with on a daily basis. However, she’s been able to move past the negativity and take her project to amazing new heights in recent years.


PrincessChazz’s Streaming Schedule

PrincessChazz is busy working full time in aged care and disability and alongside weekend gigs that she livestreamed to stay in touch with her community. She spent every spare minute building her home steaming room to be able to get back on streaming regularly and play the music she loves for her fans and pass the envision that she has always wanted to share with her community.

As Charlotte in her day job and her manager both volunteer and work with people with disabilities, it was natural for them to think of ways to help integrate them into global communities so they also started another project in early stages to find ways not only to integrate disableds into global communities online via platforms like Twitch but also try to figure a way for them to make a living or round up their existing income.

With the streaming room ready, PrincessChazz now streams every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and even has special pop-up streams when she has the time to do so. In just a few weeks of being back to a regular schedule streaming, from her new studio she is on her way to reaching her goal of becoming a Twitch Partner and she can’t wait to see how far her journey will go.

Connect With PrincessChazz

Connect With PrincessChazz




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