PSYMILL Reveals The Origins Of His Famous “Psychedelic Kitchen”

Once Upon a Time, in a Psychedelic Kitchen…

The Hybrid Alien of Psytrance and the visionary behind The Official Psychedelic Kitchen, PSYMILL shares insight into the journey that led him to become the successful Twitch DJ he is today. PSYMILL delivers a potent dose of psytrance every day of the week that wouldn’t be complete without his visual aid, the Psychedelic Kitchen. 

Although he’s quite established in his craft, streaming psytrance in his kitchen to viewers worldwide was never the turn he envisioned his life to take. “I had different plans and dreams when I was younger.” 

A husband and father of a 24-year-old, PSYMILL couldn’t have imagined DJing being in the cards for him at this stage in his life. He ponders the idea of what it might be like to be doing this at 20 years old, which is the age at which many DJs have already become established, or at least interested, in their careers. 

“For the most part, I don’t think I was ready,” he says. “Even five years ago, I wasn’t ready for this. This is a journey.” PSYMILL feels like his journey has led him to the right place at the right time. 

“I feel like the universe for once was speaking to me and I listened, and here we are,” he adds. “We all need to listen to the universe on certain things and take a risk. I took a hell of a risk doing this.”

PSYMILL continues to describe what this risk looks like for him. Although his son had moved out, he still shared a home with his wife, and telling your wife that you’re going to turn your family kitchen into a martian sanctuary might not be ideal. He chuckles, “At the time, she was looking at me like, are you screwed up?”

The Psychedelic Kitchen is not a metaphor or a clever play on words–it’s a literal kitchen turned psychedelic stage. And to anyone who’s not familiar, it’s something you need to experience during his stream to understand. 

PSYMILL’s Psychedelic Kitchen was surprisingly born out of negative (and quite frankly, rude) feedback from a viewer. PSYMILL and his friend had been streaming in his kitchen when the user entered the chat and made a snide comment, “Look at these morons mixing in their kitchen.”

New to Twitch at the time, he was shocked to learn that the platform even allowed this type of behavior. Of course, the remark didn’t bother PSYMILL, but it did get him thinking about his kitchen and the potential it had. At the time, there were no lights, no R2-D2, and none of the flashy decorations that patrons of the Psychedelic Kitchen have come to know and love today. “And I thought, man, I need to make it look more appealing for a stream,” he says. “I mean, nobody wants to look at dirty dishes.”

Interestingly enough, the R2-D2 is actually an ice cooler. PSYMILL’s wife won the item at a silent auction for charity at her work. At first, it sat in a different room of the house, acting more or less as a coat rack or a catch-all. However, PSYMILL had a different vision for R2-D2’s future. It wasn’t long before he rehomed R2-D2 to smack dab in the middle of the dining room table. Which of course, his wife wasn’t too keen on at first. 

Eventually, various lights were installed, and the Psychedelic Kitchen was experiencing its birth. The kitchen began to spiral out of control in the most exciting way possible. “It looks pretty nice when we’re having our nice Chicken Kiev to have disco lights flashing violently in the background. I mean, that’s everybody’s God-given right, to have a disco in their kitchen,” he laughs. 

PSYMILL does note that his wife’s support for his project has been instrumental in his success with the Psychedelic Kitchen. And before long, PSYMILL got his late father, someone who was well into a cancer diagnosis and hesitant on electronic music as a whole, on board with the Psychedelic Kitchen. In fact, it was his father who suggested new lights and the reorganizing of two miles of cables. Before they knew it, the entire ceiling and walls were gutted. 

“The whole design of this kitchen in its current state, for the most part, is entirely his development. And it was his final gift to me.”

For DJs, especially those who rely on streaming to reach their fanbase, the visual presentation is just as important as the audio. According to PSYMILL, blending various artistic elements are what creates moments in the industry and in the genre which each artist represents. 

“It’s not just about them standing on stage, or whatever. It’s about the story that they’re trying to tell,” he concludes.

PSYMILL Reveals Origins of the Psychedelic Kitchen

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PSYMILL Reveals Origins of the Psychedelic Kitchen
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