RainbowLacesMusic: The DJ Behind Your Favorite Virtual Events

Coming up on his second Twitch anniversary, RainbowLacesMusic discusses his journey with streaming and highlights some of the exciting events he’s experienced along the way.

RainbowLaces has a background in music and theater, going back to his teenage years. “I used to go out in London with a Sony minidisc recorder with the microphone attached and record strange noises and make peculiar sounding industrial techno, I guess you could call it,” he says. “I don’t think we had that sound then, but that’s what it sounds like in retrospect.”

Although the talent and passion were there, music was more or less of a hobby that took the back burner as life unfolded. However, he later rekindled his connection with the dance scene and eventually invested in a set of decks. Then, as the pandemic went into full swing, RainbowLaces was introduced to Twitch where he was able to continue his passion for music in ways he could’ve never imagined.

Getting Started on Twitch

Having started streaming during the Covid-19 pandemic like many DJs, RainbowLaces didn’t have many expectations. He showed up to have fun and play techno with his friends. However, it wasn’t long before he took his streaming experience to new heights. Less than six months later, he was organizing hundreds of DJs for wildly successful fundraising streams.

Event planning doesn’t come naturally to most. In fact, that’s why event planning is such a big industry–planning a party or concert is no easy feat! However, RainbowLaces seemed to have found his calling in helping organize virtual events on Twitch. 

“When it comes down to just knowing how to throw an event together, that’s just something that I enjoy the challenge of doing,” he says.

RainbowLacesMusic’s First Virtual Event

It all started in the second half of 2020 when he and a few friends casually considered organizing a 24-hour Twitch event. “And then, within about two hours, there was suddenly like 50 streamers in a Whatsapp chat, talking and arranging things,” he says. “By the end of the day, we’ve got this thing called The Techno Festival, which was going to run for the whole weekend.”

The event launched just two weeks later and wound up raising $10,000 for Music 4 Children, an organization that helps provide food, shelter, and education for impoverished children. The event was so successful that they threw another one and then another one. “The last one we ran at that had 102 DJs play over a five-day event,” adds RainbowLaces. “We made another ten grand. I think we raised about $35,000 for the charity overall.”

More recently, RainbowLaces teamed up with some other streamers to organize Music for Ukraine, benefiting the British Red Cross. Once again, he created a spreadsheet–this time with seven days worth of time slots. To his surprise, the sheet was filled to the final slot in just a day.

Sexy Mistakes

Despite all of the charity events RainbowLaces has been a part of putting together, the real fun is at Sexy Mistakes, a monthly raid train on Twitch. “Take this theme of sexy and just go with that for your music selection–and it was deliberately jokey,” he says. “It’s normally like a weekend of innuendo in the chat.”

Co-founded with deeplush, Sexy Mistakes was organized on a whim but became an instant hit. The event runs every month and fills up extremely fast, typically booked out two months in advance. “Risque music is the only way to describe it really,” RainbowLaces adds.

In a community saturated with gamers who, let’s be honest, are primarily teenagers, DJs have built their own cozy little niche. RainbowLaces describes Sexy Mistakes as an ode to this more mature, tight-knit community. 

“We’re a lot more diverse, both culturally and from a gender perspective,” says RainbowLaces.

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