Sonic Therapy: Making You Feel Better With Free Music Treatments

Sonic Therapy: Making You Feel Better With Free Music Treatments
  • Dr. Jo is making you feel better with her "sonic therapy" audio treatments. Is it working yet?!

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SONIC: "denoting, relating to, or of the nature of sound or sound waves"; THERAPY: "a treatment that helps someone feel better, grow stronger..."

Now knowing or having been refreshed on the definitions of those two words, does music produce sound waves that make you feel better?

According Jo, aka Sonic Therapy, this is a huge part of her mission as a DJ and music producer.  If you don't feel better after experiencing her music or performance, you may be eligible for a second, free therapy session. 🙂

The Therapy Sessions Begin

Based in the UK, Jo's musical journey began in 2007 when she started producing and writing music for corporate videos and short films. After a short ten-year hiatus, she came back to writing and started learning to DJ in late 2020.  Now a regular Twitch performer, her go-to genres include techno, progressive and melodic house, and drum and bass.

Therapeutic Influences

Over the years her musical influences include The Prodigy, Rammstein, Pet Shop Boys and Jean Michel Jarre.  Now I don't know about you, but it seems pretty straightforward to be influenced by The Prodigy and Rammstein when producing corporate videos right?  Gosh, I would love to see these "hard-hitting" videos sometime! 🙂  I hope they did their job for the sales and marketing teams!

A Feel-Good Interview with Sonic Therapy

STL: What music got you started as a DJ?

ST: I haven't been mixing for very long. I first discovered DJs on Twitch during the first lockdown in 2020 when I saw Paul Van Dyk streaming. From there I discovered lots of other great DJs, which inspired me to start mixing in December 2020. My first Twitch stream was February 2021.


STL: What is your preferred music genre(s) to spin/mix?

ST: It depends on my mood. If I’m feeling high in energy then I really like mixing Drum and Bass, or Peak Time Techno. At other times I might want to relax a bit more while I stream so I’ll play Melodic/Progressive House.


STL: What is your favourite stream you have done?

ST: I’m a member of the Prism DJ Collective on Twitch. My favourite stream so far was being a part of the Prism charity event for the UK-based mental health charity Mind in April 2021. It was amazing to watch all the DJs play and the energy in my stream was amazing. It was great to be a part of raising money for a great cause.


STL: What made you become the DJ you are today?

ST: Music has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. I learned to play the piano, violin, and guitar when I was younger, and have played in a couple of bands in the past. There are lots of artists whose music has helped me through difficult times over the years. Mixing helps me unwind, express how I’m feeling and connect with like-minded people.


STL: What is your favourite meal?

ST: This can change, and I can tend to get fixated on one particular meal and have it a lot! At the moment my favourite meal to make is chicken stir fry.


STL: Who do you inspire to be most like?

ST: There are lots of people who have qualities I admire. I can’t think of any one person I aspire to be like, but I aim to be someone who is caring, generous, and genuine in her interactions with others. 


STL: Who else in your family is a musician?

ST: My dad taught himself to play the flute. He also had a violin and trombone, but I don’t know how far he got in learning those! My younger brother taught himself a bit of guitar and had some piano lessons when he was younger, but I don’t think he plays much now. I think I’m the most music-obsessed member of my family!


STL: How would you describe the energy in your streams and chat?

ST: I love the chat in my streams. Everyone is really welcoming and friendly, and there’s lots of good-humoured banter going back and forth. I really enjoy interacting with the people in my chat, as they help to make the streams so much fun.


STL: What is your favourite drink?

ST: I’m partial to an ‘Elderflower Mojito’ which is a non-alcoholic cocktail made with soda water, lime juice, elderflower cordial, mint, and crushed ice. Perfect for summer!


STL: How much has Twitch changed over the COVID-19 lockdown for you?

ST: The Twitch music community is such a friendly group of people and I’ve had so many laughs, both as a streamer and as someone in chat. It feels as though the community has grown so much during lockdown and lots of firm friendships have been made.


STL: In your own words, what is your biggest change since becoming a Twitch DJ?

ST: I’ve become more confident in my mixing since starting to stream and don’t feel so nervous in front of the camera. I’ve also got better at interacting with chat without forgetting to bring in the next track, although there have been some close calls!


STL: If you could give any advice to a new streamer, what would it be?

ST: It would be that your stream doesn’t have to be perfect for you to get started. In my experience, it’s more about the atmosphere you create and, of course, the music you play!


STL: How do you think things will change as lockdowns end and venues start to come back?  

ST: I’m sure the Twitch music community will continue to grow, despite venues opening back up. I’m hoping that we will see more live shows streamed on Twitch as it would be great to watch and share the experience with others online as it’s not always possible to get to these shows in person. 


STL: If you are adding live shows to your Twitch line-ups, are you excited or nervous to add this change or go back?

ST: There are loads of DJs who have honed their craft over the years who deserve to return to, or be signed for, live shows. I’m an amateur in comparison and am happy staying at home! 


STL: Do you produce your own tracks?

ST: In the past I’ve written music for corporate films and also for short films made by students doing film production degrees. I’ve started writing my own tracks so, who knows, maybe I’ll release some in the future! I work in the week and I like to stream at the weekends, so it can be hard to find the time. Producing tracks is more of a hobby at the moment, but at some point I would like to produce music that other DJs on Twitch feel worthy of playing - that would be awesome to see and hear!


Sonic Therapy Twitch Schedule

Sonic Therapy streams her Bass Raiders Weekly Raid Train (Drum & Bass) every Wednesday.  Check her Twitch schedule to get the times in your time zone.

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