Experience A “SOULGASM” With Twitch DJ SOLibrah

When asked to describe the energy in his streams, SOLibrah’s response? “SOULGASM-ic is the right word.”

With experience playing electric guitar in his earlier days, DJ and producer SoLibrah has come a long way. However, if you asked him how he’d measure his success, it wouldn’t be by followers or time put into his craft. He would probably say he’s already found success through the joy making and playing music brings him.

SOLibrah typically plays uplifting trance; however, he also likes to spin lower-tempo vocal trance and melodies. He sometimes even dabbles in techno or deep house. “It’s all about good music,” he says.

When asked where his passion for music stems from, SOLibrah responded, “It’s how it [music] makes you feel. It’s like these few minutes that takes you away from everything else and allows you to just be in the moment with pure happiness.”

DJ SOLibrah Mixes and Produces Trance Music

SOLibrah was introduced to Twitch in August 2020 amid the Covid-19 lockdown. And although live music has made its return, he envisions the future of DJing including hybrid streams that are also being broadcasted live in clubs. 

Before the pandemic, many fans would have considered streaming the lesser of the two. Without live music, people had to settle for streams on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. However, that’s certainly not the case, as streamers from both pre and post-Covid worlds will tell you of all the benefits streaming has to offer. 

Streaming on platforms like Twitch allows musicians to connect with their communities on a deeper level. SOLibrah highlights the importance of being on stream in order to chat with your viewers. Nothing compares to the authentic, personal connection artists can make with their audiences during a stream on a platform like Twitch. Plus, who wouldn’t prefer enjoying their favorite artists from the comfort of their own bedroom? 

SOLibrah is an in-the-moment kind of guy. For a long time, he never had an interest in sticking to a set streaming schedule. However, as his fanbase grew, he felt like he owed it to his community and loyal supporters to offer some consistency. He committed to establishing one fixed stream time per week. SOLibrah does still keep some element of mystery–fans never have a clue as to how long the stream might last. Depending on the moment, he’ll play anywhere from four to six hours to more than ten hours. “It’s all about enjoying each and every moment together,” he says.

Something SOLibrah was eager to take advantage of was connecting Discord video to his stream. This feature allows fans to get on video and join in on the streaming fun–but no pressure, of course. SOLibrah’s viewers should feel free to express themselves in whatever ways they want. He notes, “Some like to close their eyes and feel the music, others like to dance and jump and scream of happiness!”

From Mixing to Producing

SOLibrah more recently started taking producing seriously. He released his very first track appropriately titled “Feel It” back in September. “Feel It” is a 10-minute soul-stirring trance dreamscape, giving listeners a glimpse into the artist’s mind.

“​​Every step in our lives is meaningful to us, there shouldn’t be any regrets, and it’s more of the successes and the lessons you learn while following your goals,” says SOLibrah. It’s clear that his music is reflective of his positive outlook on life.

SOLibrah gains inspiration from artists like ​​The Noble Six, Andrea Ribeca, Ahmed Romel, Aly & Fila, and Ferry Corsten. However, he’s been able to find his own style through his love for his craft.

DJ SOLibrah Mixes and Produces Trance Music

Connect With DJ SOLibrah

Artist Twitch
DJ SOLibrah Mixes and Produces Trance Music
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Connect With DJ SOLibrah

Artist Twitch




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