StreamTribe Live Welcomes DJ & Producer PSYMILL to its Roster

PSYMILL Artist Announcements
  • This press release was published by StreamTribe Live and Eleven Music Career Center on on April 5, 2021

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MADISON, Wis. - April 5, 2021 - PRLog -- StreamTribe.Live, an artist marketing label promoting Twitch-based music streamers, announces DJ & producer PSYMILL will join its roster of streaming DJs.

Jonathan Wood (a.k.a. DJ Triple V) is known as PSYMILL on the Twitch Music streaming platform, where he regularly spins his style of psytrance and trance electronic dance music (EDM) tracks for a growing global audience.

Wood, a DJ/producer from Wisconsin Rapids, WI, USA, started producing in 1989. He has been streaming EDM on Twitch since 2019. Wood has a limb difference on each of his hands, which is why he refers to himself as the "Hybrid Alien of Psychedelic Trance." Streaming his EDM spins on the PSYMILL Twitch channel has been an outlet for Wood to freely express his authentic self and grow his inclusive community of EDM-loving individuals.

PSYMILL (Wood) has partnered with StreamTribe.Live to expand promotions of his brand and Twitch streams in an effort to bring his entertaining EDM stream sessions to a wider audience that celebrates and accepts individuality.

Wood explains, "If you watch my [Twitch] streams (view past streams on YouTube), you'll see some interesting things going on with me, physically. More or less, my hands. I spent years hiding them from people, ashamed and embarrassed. Bullying was, and still is, something I deal with. Music has helped me tremendously to open up and express myself. Hands and all. I am unique. We are all important and as the universe speaks to me through electronic dance music, it can certainly help all of us. This is why I do this. I have met so many amazingly incredible souls on this [Twitch] platform."

With influences like Astrix and Armin van Buuren, PSYMILL brings high-energy to his streams and deep engagement with his audience that is attracting others to discover his style of psytrance and trance music.

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