StreamTribe Records Welcomes Indianapolis-Based K3mmy

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K3mmy has always had an affinity for music. Growing up, she played drums, guitar, and flute. It wasn’t until earlier this year she decided to test her skills with mixing. In fact, it’s not really something she ever dreamed about–it was her husband’s dream that brought the first controller into their home. It wasn’t long after her husband, Greg, introduced her to the controller that she picked up mixing and started streaming on her own channel.

Recently signed to StreamTribe Records, K3mmy feels secure in her decision. “I chose STL due to the fact that they express interest in teaching me about this business industry and want to help me grow as a new artist,” says K3mmy.

When it comes to her love for dancing, K3mmy alludes to her Latina background. “I am always looking for something that makes me dance,” she says. However, she has a versatile taste in music, noting that alternative rock and Spanish rock are two of her favorite genres. 

A Love For Trance

When it comes time for her to get on the controller and spin the music, trance is her go-to genre. She admires artists like Ferry Corsten, Paul Van Dyk, and Armin Van Buuren, who are all pioneers in the genre.

On Sundays, she streams her Uplifting Sunday Session, which does just what its title describes. Her goal with this stream is to inspire her viewers and elevate their moods through the power of music, especially as Monday creeps in.

K3mmy has been streaming since May 2021. And although she’s relatively new to the game, she’s already had several in-person gigs. “My favorite IRL event that I have done so far is playing at the Saint Shack in downtown Indianapolis on Halloween night, 2021.”

That night she was asked to perform the closing set, which she felt was a massive honor. She notes that Progression Indy has been instrumental in her journey as an artist and is eager to continue securing more gigs where she lives in Indianapolis.

Giving Back To The Community

What K3mmy enjoys as a DJ is her ability to bring humanity together through music. Whether it’s house music or trance, playing in front of a crowd that shares her passion is priceless. “The reaction to the music by the community is what makes it all worthwhile,” adds K3mmy.

Not to mention, streaming has opened unimaginable doors for her. It allows her to hone in on the community aspect of music by bringing people from around the world together. She’s met some incredible people along the way that she now considers her friends.

K3mmy has also participated in numerous charity streams, including Charity Raid Trains for the Red Cross and the Starlight Children Foundation, along with the Vibes For The Tribes Festival which benefitted Feed Bali.

As an artist who’s already come so far in such a short period of time, K3mmy’s story is inspiring to anyone who wants to give streaming a shot. K3mmy is a mother, a dog mom (to a little Maltese/Poodle named Guapo), a TV-lover, and a fan of owls. She’s the first one to admit she has a lot to learn, and she’s eager to explore further into the realm of mixing and DJing.

K3mmy's Streaming Schedule

K3mmy typically streams on Monday at 7 PM UTC, Thursday at 12:30 PM UTC, Friday at 10 PM UTC, and Sunday at 8 PM UTC. She’ll also take part in the occasional pop-up stream and raid train throughout the week. For the most up-to-date streaming information, check out her Instagram @K3mmyDJ.

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