TwinTonicDJS: How Two Brothers’ Journey Across the World Resulted in a New Passion For Streaming

It’s been three months since twin brothers Vivek and Vinay a.k.a. TwinTonicDJS began their Twitch streaming journey. However, their vibrant attitudes and dedication to bringing the very best hand-picked tracks to their stream are what have already helped them amass nearly 400 followers. 

For the brothers, Twitch started as a place where they could catch up with their favorite streamers, make friends in the chat, and vibe out to good music. After a while, however, the hunger for more drove them to start up their own stream. Launching their brand with the moniker “TwinTonicDJS”, their stream quickly garnered the attention of old and new friends.

Every Twitch success story starts with a favorite stream that got them hooked on the scene. For Vivek and Vinay, this turning point was “Unleash the Beat” with JES. For those unfamiliar, “Unleash the Beat” is JES’ weekly mix show featuring originals, unreleased tracks, hot singles, and dancefloor classics. The brothers fell in love with the stream, and that passion soon led them to other streams. PSYMILL, K3mmyTheGrassGalDJ, and GregTheGrassGuyDJ are a few others that drew them in.

(The brothers are huge PSYMILL fans, by the way.) “He pours his heart into the stream,” notes Vivek. PSYMILL’s Psychedelic Kitchen is somewhere they look to for inspiration as far as energy and confidence.

Of course, like anyone taking a leap of faith on a new project, the thought crossed their minds, would people even like to see us play? According to Vinay, the two of them are on the shy side so it took some coaxing by their Twitch friends to get them out of their shells. However, finally getting on camera and doing something they love, mixing music, might’ve been the best choice they’ve ever made.

“We are just a couple of guys who love to play music,” Vivek says with a grin.

TwinTonicDJS and Trance

Vivek and Vinay have a passion for trance music and have always been fans, making it their preferred genre to spin on stream. “We started off liking hard rock music and slowly transitioned into Armin Van Buuren, and then trance,” says Vivek. Outside of DJing, their affinity for discovering new music means that TwinTonicDJS fans will always hear top-quality tunes. 

He goes on, “We always tune in to each and every update from every musician on Instagram, Spotify, and SoundCloud. Whenever we listen to new DJs and whenever we discover them we always try to put their music in our stream as well.”

Looking forward, Vivek and Vinay are eager to reach the 500 follower milestone shortly and hopefully play live shows in the near future as well. But beyond the follower count and any superficial aspect of the industry, the brothers are here to reach others through their love of music. “We love trance music and we love connecting to people,” says Vinay.

From Mumbai to Vancouver

Not only are these guys embarking on an exciting new journey with music, but they’ve also taken on an entirely new life in Vancouver after traveling halfway around the world to get there. Originally from Mumbai, where they grew up and attended college, Vivek and Vinay made the big move to Canada last September. 

Four countries and nearly four days later, Vivek and Vinay made it to Vancouver. “It took us three to four days to get here,” says Vinay. Beginning their journey in Mumbai, they had to stop in Dubai, Cairo, and Frankfurt before they finally touched down at their final destination. The brothers noted that the outlandish journey was thankfully just a pandemic problem and that they plan to return to India soon on much easier travel terms.

However, the challenges did not stop when they arrived in Vancouver. According to Vivek, it was nearly impossible to find a quality mixer, again, due to Covid-19 setbacks. “Currently, the mixer we have was only 80 bucks,” he chuckles, “But it does the job!”

Vivek says the two will be heading home in October to celebrate Diwali, India’s biggest holiday of the year, with their family. Also known as the Festival of Lights, Diwali spans across five days and is observed by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains. 

TwinTonicDJS are self-taught musicians who relied heavily on YouTube videos and friends like K3mmy and Greg to sit down with them on calls. Although they did have some prior experience behind the decks in college, the hobby more or less took a backseat to real life when studies and work came into play. However, the brothers have found a great balance (Vinay noted that Vivek will sometimes sub in for him on Tuesdays when his job takes priority) and are thrilled to continue growing and sharing their passion with the StreamTribe and Twitch communities. 

Catch TwinTonicDJS weekly on Tuesdays for “Trance Team” with PSYMILL and Thursdays for “Thursday Is 4 Trance” with StreamTribe.

TwinTonicDJs are one of StreamTribe’s newest additions to our ambassador program. To learn more about getting involved with StreamTribe, shoot us a note on our contact form.

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