Vibes For The Tribes Festival 2022 Supporting Bali

Vibes For The Tribes Gears Up for 2022 Festival

Vibes For The Tribes is gearing up for its second annual charity event benefiting Bali. The festival will take place entirely on Twitch as some of the most sought-after DJs, including SHINTALOVESHOUSEMUSIC and PSYMILL are slated to perform. All in all, 86 DJs will be playing across four virtual stages for three days. All proceeds will go toward Aku for Bali, or #TogetherForBali, an organization that collects donations to help feed and provide for the people of Bali who have been negatively impacted by the Covid pandemic. 

Two of the festival’s organizers, SHINTALOVESHOUSEMUSIC and DJFADIBALI, aka Shinta and Fadi, have been residing in Bali for the past 20 years and hold the charity event to give back to their country. For the past couple of years, they’ve been able to raise funds for the Balinese people through numerous charity events, with the annual Vibes For The Tribes Festival being the pinnacle of those efforts.

Shinta will have the honor of playing the opening set on Thursday at 12:00 GMT and the closing set on Saturday at 10:00 GMT. Fadi is set to play at 14:00 GMT on Stage 2, which will be showcasing melodic house, melodic techno, and progressive genres. This stage will also see performances by GREGTHEGRASSGUYDJ and Jason Jansari, among many others.

Stage 1, which is reserved for organic, afro, disco, house, and tech house genres will see performances by LILYPITA, SOTCHI RIOT, DJLOOP, and others. The trance and psytrance stage, Stage 3, will host StreamTribe’s own, PSYMILL, PSYWENTZ, K3MMYTHEGRASSGALDJ, and many others. Finally, Stage 4, the mixed genre stage, welcomes TAI CHILLER, DJNOAHJUAN, and THEHOUSEADDICT, plus many others. 

Vibes For The Tribes Festival

Vibes For The Tribes

Fadi was organizing events and playing music, and Shinta was also playing tunes in Bali before everything closed due to the pandemic. Although in-person shows were on hold, Fadi and Shinta’s passion for dance music and human connection did not waiver. They turned to Twitch to reach a new audience and connect with like-minded artists. Together, they helped build Vibes For The Tribes, a collection of artists who share the same vision and passion. 

Vibes For The Tribes is a collective of humble, talented, fun, and most importantly, supportive artists who relish bringing joy to viewers worldwide. The group has built a brand on spreading positivity through their love for music. They’ve decided to extend their reach to help those in need by organizing charity events and giving back to the community in any way they can, with the help of their talents. 

By organizing charity events benefiting the underprivileged people of Bali, Vibes For The Tribes represents one of the strongest philanthropy efforts on Twitch.  

In their own words, “Between the sunset and moonrise, no matter if it’s day or night, Our Tribe will always bring you the best good vibes, we are THE VIBES FOR THE TRIBES.”

Festival Details

Vibes For The Tribes Festival will start promptly this Thursday at 12:00 GMT. The festival will run continually for three days, finishing up on Saturday at 10:00 GMT. Throughout the event, streamers will be collecting donations and selling Vibes For The Tribes merchandise. Donations will be collected via StreamElements.

Please visit Aku For Bali’s website if you would like to donate to the cause.

All proceeds from these efforts will go to Aku For Bali, or #TogetherForBali. 

The full schedule and lineup can be viewed below or here:

vibes for the tribes festival

Visit Vibes For The Tribe’s website and Twitch team page for more details.

Vibes For The Tribes Festival
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